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For your events and reports Micheal Vogeley and Ingrid Ferschoth-Vogeley are ready to support you as experienced presenters with an extraordinary collection of slide shows an short films. Here you will find a selection of the most important issues. We should be delighted to send you the complete list.


Where the World is still a Wilderness

Extraordinary adventure tours on 7 continents

From Pole to Pole: The Last Adventures

Northpole – Antarctic – South Georgia – Strait of Magellan – Greenland – Baffin Island – Spitzbergen

South Georgia: In Search of Shackleton's Tracks in the Antarctic

(with Ingrid Ferschoth-Vogeley)

The Great Ski Travels

Greenland Crossing – North Pole – Baffin Island

Icy Land – Wonderland – Greenland

Mountaineering – Ski-touring – Trekking – Dogsledging – Sailing – Canoeing – Exploring Ice Caves

Trekkingtips From Woman to Woman

(Ingrid Ferschoth-Vogeley)

The Most Dangerous Waterway of the World

Between the Mountains of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. First navigation of the Strait of Magellan in a kayak

Where the World is still a Wilderness

Unusual Travels on 6 Continents (with Ingrid Ferschoth-Vogeley)

Lofoten: Warm Mountains Behind the Polar Circle

(Ingrid Ferschoth-Vogeley)

Adventure – Only Escape From Everyday Life?

Recovering in the Wilderness


Inlandsis: Push Into the Glaciers of Greenland

World depth records and a never before seen world in the ice cap of Greenland
(Beta 28Min)

Dancing on the Volcano: Crossing Mount Etna on ski

(12 Min Beta)

Operation Desert Ship: On Wild Waters Into the Sahara

(12 Min Beta)

Crossing Greenland in the Footsteps of Nansen

(8 Min Beta)

North Pole by Ski: 1st German ski expedition

(Rawmaterial 60 Min Video8)


Through the brilliant Mountains of Baffin Island on ski and dogsledge for the first time
(8 Min Beta)

Nunap Isua

First solitary kayak expedition through the wilderness of South Greenland
(8 Min Beta)

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