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Michael Vogeley
nunatak – Meine Abenteuer und Grenzerlebnisse im hohen Norden
Herbig Verlag
192 pages, 150 colored photos
ISBN 3-7766-1758-6
out of stock, remaining copies via author
49,– €


– exceptional reviews –


Meine Abenteuer und Grenzerlebnisse im hohen Norden

Nunatak is the name given by the Arctic natives to the rocks sticking out of the ice cap. Sourrounded by glaciers, like islands in a sea of ice, they withstand an enourmous pressure.

The North is raw and grim, but also a location where aspirations can be fulfilled: aspirations for border experiences, for hanging on, for unaltered nature and for clear air.

The reader follows the Vikings on their Arctic sea track into the new world, expeditions like the crossing of Greenland by selfpulled sledges on the track of Fridtjof Nansen, the first winter crossing of the Sarek Mountains in Sweden north of the polar circle, the risky descent into the enormous glacier caves and the attempt of a single-handed trip to the Magnetic North Pole.

== Details ==

Michael Vogeley and Ingrid Ferschoth-Vogeley
Grönland mit Baffin Island
Verlagsgruppe Bruckmann
256 pages, 120 coloured photos
ISBN 3-7654-2948-1
out of stock, remaining copies via author
24,90 €


– adventure trekking –

Grönland mit Baffin Island

Welcome to the warm Arctic: adventure trekking: "Grönland mit Baffin Island" is the first guide describing the different forms of trekking in the Arctic and summing up the geographical and cultural homogeneous areas of Greenland and Baffin Island.

  • Introduction: landscape, culture, flora and fauna
  • 23 treks: clearly structured tour guides, information and useful tips for Fjell wanderings, trips by canoe, ski and dog sledges
  • all tours with detailed map outlines, short characteristics and additional information
  • Service part with detailed information about planning a trecking journey
  • more than 120 brilliant, four-coloured landscape impressions

== Details ==

Michael Vogeley
Inlandsis – Vorstoß ins ewige Eis
vgs Verlagsgesellschaft
202 pages
out of stock, remaining copies via author
19,– €


– Story of a World Record –

Inlandsis – Vorstoß ins ewige Eis

Expedition INLANDSIS – this name stands for a unique adventure undertaken by twelve researchers in the Greenlandic ice at the beginning of the Arctic winter.

The goal of the expedition was the risky climbing in mighty icecaves of the ice cap. The “glacionauts” tresspassed under risk of their lifes 1200 meters far into the glacier. Never before humans have been so deep into the ice. The second attempt went 123 meters down into the depths of the Inlandis glacier. A second world record and a higly dangerous undertaking.

== Details ==

Michael Vogeley
Herausforderung Grönland
Copress Verlag
167 pages
out of stock, avaliable as monochrome copy via author
50,– €


– the definite book –

Herausforderung Grönland

Auf Fridtjof Nansens Spuren

100 years after the first crossing of the Greenlandic ice cap by Fridjof Nansen, four Germans accepted the challenge on ski and with self pulled sledges using similar equipment.

More than 500 kilometers through the most difficult ground, far away from any kind of civilisation, until the great performance is done. The “TransGrönlandSchneeschuhExpedition” starts right from the east coast. Through wildly cliffed fractured glaciers it goes up to the ice cap, which rises to 2,900 meters high. On the highest point of the gigantic ice cap the team erects the flag of the European Community. After one month of loneliness and tremendous exertion, the four reached the west coast – as friends.

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