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3rd edition of Michael's book "Fernwanderwege in Europa"

The revised and extended edition has just been published. See books .

Adventure Red Sea

Ingrid and Michael escaped the German muddy weather in winter to Egypt. Planned mountain tours in the Sinai mountains had to be changed to an exploration of the fantastic underwater world of the legendary sea south of the Suez Strait due to urgent warnings from the Foreign Office. That was a very good exchange! Photos see gallery .

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Unlimited Activities means to me: Experience by own power on all continents. By kayak through the Strait of Magellan, on skis across Greenland and down in the glacier caves of the inland ice - deeper than any man before. By sailing boat from Greenland to Iceland, by canoe into the Sahara, to the North Pole on skis, mountaineering in the Antarctic.

Unlimited Activities means one and a half thousand summits, many expeditions to the remotest wilderness areas of the world for the first time, alone and in team.

Unlimited Activities offers you 30.000 unique pictures, a dozen films and books, presentations, articles and Interviews.

Unlimited Activities is team training in the wilderness with exceptional results.

Have fun – Michael Vogeley

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